Boar Tearer Australia

June 14, 2019

Our hugely popular BOAR TEARER range is back with a vengeance!

This brand has been a cult favourite since its launch way back in 1999, but we’ve only ever released a few style per year…. Until now!

This year will see the beginning of a huge increase in products which will rolled out over the next few years.

Products will include- Men’s & Women’s Boar Tearer Tees, Singlets & Tanks, Polo shirts, Camouflage hunting shirts, Camo caps, Camo singlets & tees, Camo gearbags, Camo backpacks, Boar Tearer sticker designs, Camo stubby coolers, Camo workshirts & heaps more!

Perfect for Aussie hoghunters, pig hunters, boar hunters and pig shooters with a growing range of hunting gear and hunting clothing in Australia. With a wide range of camo shirts and camouflage gear and accessories in Australia, designed with an Australian tree camouflage design.